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    Common Questions About Hardwood Floor Care

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Stylish, versatile, hygienic, and durable, hardwood flooring is one of the most desirable flooring materials available. Thankfully for homeowners who install it in their homes, hardwood flooring is also fairly easy to maintain. If you are planning to have hardwood floors installed as part of an upcoming remodeling project and want to familiarize yourself with how to keep them looking new for as long as possible, read through the answers to the following floor care FAQs.

    What Cleaners Can I Use on My Hardwood Floor?
    When cleaning and maintaining your hardwood flooring, use only cleaning supplies that are designated specifically for use on hardwood floors. This will keep you from inadvertently scratching or dulling your floors.

    How Often Should I Wax My Hardwood Floor?
    When a routine cleaning no longer causes your hardwood floor to shine or the floor is caked with scuff marks, it is probably time to bust out the wax. Most hardwood floors should be waxed once or twice a year. If your hardwood flooring was finished with urethane or another compound that gives it a glossy appearance, never wax it. Instead, you should have it resealed or refinished when the surface starts to show signs of wear.

    What Can I Do to Prevent Scratches?
    Furniture legs are probably the most common cause of hardwood floor scratches. Cover chair and table legs with felt pads, watch what shoes you wear on your hardwood floors, and dust or vacuum regularly to keep the risk of scratching to a minimum.

    Can I Mop my Hardwood Floor?
    You can dry-mop your hardwood floors when giving them a thorough clean, but use non-abrasive cleaners and never soak the mop in water before cleaning. You should also clean up water spills on hardwood floors immediately, as standing water damages them.

    As long as you use avoid scratches, use the right cleaning materials, and attend to spills as soon as they occur, caring for a hardwood floor is easy. If you are remodeling your Franklin home and are looking for the perfect hardwood flooring planks for your design, check out Carpet Den Interiors. Call (615) 656-7662 or visit us at your convenience to learn more or take a look at our inventory.

    Spotlight on Large-Format Tile Trends

    Last updated 18 days ago

    From parquet floors lined with narrow planks of hardwood to ceramic tile floors composed of tiles measuring just a few square inches each, small-format flooring designs used to be the norm. This norm has been shaken up, especially in the world of tile.

    There are several reasons why homeowners and designers are drawn to large-format tile designs, foremost among them perhaps the open and dramatic feel they lend to a room. A small room with a large-format tile floor can feel larger than it actually is. With fewer and thinner grouted joints, homeowners also find that cleaning large-format tile floors is easier and less time-consuming than cleaning small-format tile floors.

    Family owned and operated, Carpet Den Interiors offers residents of the Franklin area hardwood, carpet, and natural stone flooring options made from the finest materials. To explore our large-format limestone, marble, travertine, and slate tile flooring options, check out our online cabinet or visit us today. For questions concerning your flooring project and the materials you require, call your Franklin flooring specialist at (615) 656-7662.

    How to Shop for Hardwood Flooring

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Natural, versatile, long-lasting, and easy to clean, hardwood flooring is a highly desirable flooring option for many homeowners. If you have decided that you want hardwood flooring installed in your Franklin home, you are in for a treat. To increase the likelihood that the product you choose is high-quality and something with which you will be satisfied for decades to come, follow the tips offered in this hardwood flooring buying guide.

    Selecting a Type
    Dozens of hardwood species are used in everyday flooring materials, with oak, mahogany, and teak being some of the most desirable options. The option that you choose, regardless of whether it is solid or engineered, should be compatible with your budget and your home’s design.

    Deciding on Size
    In addition to selecting a species and type of hardwood flooring, you will have to choose a flooring width. If you are looking to build a parquet floor, then a one-and-a-half or two-inch width may work well for you. Larger plank widths, ranging from four to eight inches, have become popular and are now preferred for a number of design styles. Some homeowners and decorators feel that they garner more attention or make a bigger impact on a room, but you should choose the width that you like best.

    Hiring an Installation Professional
    While the importance of quality in choosing hardwood flooring cannot be overemphasized, it is also important that you hire a reputable hardwood flooring installation professional to lay your floor for you. This lowers the likelihood that your floor will start to feel less solid shortly after the installation, that planks wills expand and contract with changes in humidity, and that planks will separate from one another or the subfloor.

    Family run and operated, Carpet Den Interiors in Franklin, TN has an extensive and impressive inventory of flooring materials that is not limited to carpet. If you are looking for the high-quality hardwood flooring options that can add warmth and character to your home, make sure you check out our collection. To speak with a hardwood flooring and carpet supply expert about your home flooring options, visit us or call (615) 656-7662.

    Choosing Your Hardwood Floor Color

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Since hardwood floors are relatively expensive and are meant to last for decades, choosing the color of your hardwood floor is a decision that deserves plenty of thought. For some advice that may bring you to a confident decision, check out this HGTV Remodels video clip with Laurie March, the House Counselor.

    Homeowners who intend to install hardwood flooring in many rooms of their home and find that they like a number of hardwood options understandably feel compelled to use a different type of hardwood flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Design experts like Laurie, however, suggest using a uniform hardwood flooring type throughout your home and spicing things up through decor instead.

    Are you looking for a hardwood flooring supplier for your Franklin, TN construction or remodeling project? For the best selection in the area and access to a friendly and knowledgeable team of flooring specialists, call Carpet Den Interiors at (615) 656-7662.

    Choosing Carpet that Supports Your Lifestyle

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Carpet is comfortable, easy on the feet, and versatile enough to work with the design of almost any room. An abundance of carpeting choices means that there is an ideal carpeting option for every application and every household. To find a carpeting type that is compatible with your lifestyle, your preferences, and the parameters you have to work with, consider the following factors.

    Household Makeup
    Polyester fiber carpeting is an ideal flooring material for families with young children or pets. Polyester is stain-resistant, so it will hold up against the chaos that comes with toddlers and terriers. If you are less worried about accidents on your carpet, you may be interested in a more luxurious Berber, plush, or soft nylon carpet option.

    Carpeting costs vary greatly, with the most expensive styles costing upwards of ten times as much as the least expensive styles. The more expensive the carpet you buy, the more luxurious it is likely to be. Another reason why polyester fiber carpet is a great option for families with children and pets is that the cost is relatively inexpensive, making replacement feasible.

    Interior and Architectural Design
    As with any flooring materials you choose, you want your carpet to mesh well with the design and decor of your home. This is something to keep in mind when choosing color as well as fiber material. If your home has sophisticated furnishings and intricate design features, consider Berber and frieze carpet options.

    Determining the carpet that is right for your lifestyle may take a bit of time and effort, but having the best carpet for your home is well worth the process. Working with a reputable carpet supplier and installation professional such as Carpet Den Interiors can help the process go smoothly. For a look at some of the carpet design options that you can incorporate into your Franklin home, check out our online catalog. If you have any questions or wish to speak with one of our carpet experts, call (615) 656-7662.

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